A resource efficient pathway towards a greenhouse gas neutral Germany / publisher: German Environment Agency ; authors: Jens Günther, Harry Lehmann, Ullrich Lorenz and Katja Purr [und weitere] ; editors: Section I 2.2 Energy Strategies and Scenarios, Kirsten op de Hipt, Katja Purr; Section I 1.1 Fundamental Aspects, Sustainability Strategies and Scenarios, Sustainable Resource Use, Jens Günther, Ullrich Lorenz
VerfasserGünther, Jens ; Lehmann, Harry ; Lorenz, Ullrich ; Purr, Katja
HerausgeberHipt, Kirsten op de
ErschienenDessau-Roßlau : German Environment Agency, [2019?]
2nd edition with adapted data and a partial recalculation in chapters two and three, as of Januar 2019
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A resource efficient pathway towards a greenhouse gas neutral Germany [17.68 mb]
The study shows that it is possible to transform Germany to both greenhouse gas neutral and resource efficient. One side of the balance is greenhouse gas and raw material saving due to exit from fossil energy carriers and the other is the increased raw material use for the construction of the renewable energy system. In the “GreenEe” scenario it is possible to reduce the GHG emissions in 2050 by 95 % compared to 1990 and the raw material consumption (RMC) by almost 60 % compared to 2010. The study shows also that related ambitious climate and resource efficiency policies helps to achieve both goals. Considering both policy field in a systemic way should be further discussed and implemented in future politics.