Indicators for sustainable management of chemicals : contributions to upcoming development work under the new Global Framework for Chemicals : final report / by Henning Friege (N3 Thinking Ahead Dr. Friege & Partners, Voerde), Esther Heidbüchel (CSCP - Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production gGmbH, Wuppertal), Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl (BZL Kommunikation und Projektsteuerung GmbH, Oyten) ; on behalf of the German Environment Agency ; edited by Section IV 1.1 International Chemicals Management - Hans-Christian Stolzenberg, Christopher Blum
VerfasserFriege, Henning ; Heidbüchel, Esther ; Zeschmar-Lahl, Barbara
HerausgeberStolzenberg, Hans-Christian ; Blum, Christopher
ErschienenDessau-Roßlau : Umweltbundesamt, April 2024
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Report completed in: November 2023
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Indicators for sustainable management of chemicals [2.73 mb]
At the end of September 2023 the fifth International Conference on Chemicals (ICCM5) adopted the Global Framework for Chemicals (GFC) the follow-up framework for the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). The GFC aims to ensure the sustainable application of chemicals worldwide throughout their entire life cycle including the products and waste produced from them. In this study indicators were developed - in parallel to the ongoing discussions on target setting - using the concept of sustainable chemistry. This concept is based on a cross-system approach involving numerous interfaces such as the use of renewable resources occupational health and safety and the recycling of waste. The collection of data should be as simple as possible as well as practicable in developing and newly industrializing countries. To this end indicators introduced in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) numerous international conventions and existing reporting formats were examined for their applicability. Their suitability was assessed using criteria developed in the project. The criteria take into account importance specificity data availability and key sustainable chemistry fundamentals among other factors. The project team discussed the criteria and candidate indicators in six international workshops and in dialogue with more than twenty experts from around the world. Interim results were published on a cloud accessible to all participating experts. This resulted in a list of 45 indicators suitable for future work in international chemicals management. These were structured according to various issues. We propose 23 indicators for future work in the "sound management of chemicals and waste". Several of the indicators developed in this project are also suitable for tracking targets of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) of the European Commission. A preliminary analysis of the targets adopted at ICCM5 in September 2023 showed that the indicators developed in this study make a good contribution to the upcoming discussion on appropriate indicators for the GFC.