Ritual, caste, and religion in Colonial South India / edited by Michael Bergunder, Heiko Frese, and Ulrike Schröder
HerausgeberBergunder, Michael ; Frese, Heiko ; Schröder, Ulrike
KörperschaftFranckesche Stiftungen zu Halle
ErschienenHalle : Verl. der Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle, 2010 ; Heidelberg : CrossAsia-eBooks, 2010
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This book project has its origin in a conference on “Ritual, Caste, and Colonial Discourse in South India”; the Symposium took place in Heidelberg in September 2008.
SerieNeue Hallesche Berichte ; 9
SchlagwörterKaste / Religion / Schaiwasiddhanta / Christentum / Hinduismus / Islam / Ritus
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Title [2.88 mb]Contents [1.12 mb]Introduction [4.89 mb]Performing the revival : Performance and performativity in a colonial discourse in South India [17.21 mb]Saiva Siddhanta as a universal religion : J. M. Nallasvami Pillai (1864-1920) and Hinduism in colonial South India [58.64 mb]Forging a Tamil caste : Maraimalai Adigal (1876-1950) and the discourse of caste and ritual in colonial Tamilnadu [15.87 mb]Sustaining the pre-colonial past : Saiva defiance against Christian rule in the 19th century in Jaffna [22.01 mb]No religion, but ritual? : Robert Caldwell and The Tinnevelly Shanars [29.67 mb]Landscapes of Christianity in colonial South India : The matter of Hindu ritual and Christian conversion, 1870-1920 [26.81 mb]Witnessing fun : Tamil-speaking Muslims and the imagination of ritual in colonial Southeast Asia [28.8 mb]The agraharam : The transformation of social space and Brahman status in Tamilnadu during the colonial and postcolonial periods [18.27 mb]'More Kshatriya than thou!' : Debating caste and ritual ranking in colonial Tamilnadu [16.95 mb]Soliloquizing Brahmans : Questions to a Telugu journal from the 19th century [16.33 mb]Appendix I: T. Velayuda Mudaliar vs. N Chidambaram Iyer on the message of Ramalinga Adigal : From: The Theosophist 4 [1882/1883] 61-64 [8.91 mb]Appendix II: Sources on the contact between J. M. Nallasvami and Vivekananda [5.35 mb]Contributors [1.76 mb]Index [7.1 mb]
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