Contribution to the discussion on the evaluation of Carbon Capture and Utilisation / publisher: Umweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency) ; authors: Katja Purr, Hans-Jürgen Garvens ; with the cooperation of Maja Bernicke, Jens Brieschke, Judith Kaliske, Hermann Kessler, Daniela Malsch, Sebastian Plickert, Christopher Proske, Bernhard Rothe ; edited by: Section V 1.2 “Strategies and scenarios for climate change mitigation and energy”, Katja Purr; Section V 3.2 “Chemical industry and industrial combustion installations”, Hans-Jürgen Garvens
VerfasserPurr, Katja ; Garvens, Hans-Jürgen
BeiträgerBernicke, Maja ; Brieschke, Jens ; Kaliske, Judith ; Kessler, Hermann ; Malsch, Daniela ; Plickert, Sebastian ; Proske, Christopher ; Rothe, Bernhard
ErschienenDessau-Roßlau : Umweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency), [November 2021]
As of: September 2021
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SerieHintergrund ; November 2021
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Contribution to the discussion on the evaluation of Carbon Capture and Utilisation [1.91 mb]
Under Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) we summarise all relevant technologies for capturing transport and the subsequent utilisation of carbon. In the promising perspective CCU seems to reduce emissions by substitution of fossil products. For the evaluation we have to apply a more holistic view on these technologies and especially their energy consumption. In order to clarify the role of CCU in the near future as well as for a fossil free future society the study by the German Environment Agency (⁠UBA⁠) evaluates CCU. Main perspectives are the role in greenhouse gas mitigation as well as the role of CCU for future carbon feedstock sourcing for fuels and the chemical industry.