The EU CBAM and a climate club : synergies and potential obstacles for full integration : discussion paper / German Environment Agency ; authors, institution: Theresa Wildgrube, Iryna Holovko, Leon Heckmann (adelphi research gGmbH)
VerfasserWildgrube, Theresa ; Holovko, Iryna ; Heckmann, Leon
KörperschaftDeutschland ; Adelphi Research gGmbH
ErschienenDessau-Roßlau : Umweltbundesamt, 27. October 2022
Umfang1 Online-Ressource (16 Seiten, 0,39 MB)
Project No. (FKZ) 3720 42 504 0 - "Wechselwirkungen zwischen dem EU Emissionshandelssystem und Energie- und CO2-Steuern sowie Begleitforschung zur Weiterentwicklung dieser Instrumente"
Completion: 10/2022
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The EU CBAM and a climate club [0.39 mb]
This discussion paper analyses potential synergies between climate clubs and CBAMs. It presents a case study of the concrete proposals currently debated for implementation: 1) the EU CBAM which looks set to be adopted by the EU Council and Parliament later this year and 2) the proposal for a climate club that was adopted by the G7 at their summit in June 2022. Chapter 2 introduces the two instruments and explains how they interrelate. Chapter 3 discusses potential obstacles to a full integration of both instruments. Chapter 4 shows how product-specific standards can be a tool at the intersection of both instruments thereby augmenting synergies between them. The paper is directed at policy makers as well as the general scientific community that conducts research on the topics described above.