Literature review and assessment of available toxicological data for PFAS : final report / by Dr. Alexandra Polcher, Dr. Maren Krause, Dr. Radka Prichystalova, Jennifer Kurzke, Marco Rahm, Tracy Greene, Linda Dell, Dr. Meera Cush, Lori Crawford, Louise Fortunato, Jenny Butcher, Dr. Nataliya Kitsera, Sara Grundén, Dr. Thomas Rücker (Ramboll Deutschland, Munich), Dr. Jens-Uwe Voss (Toxikologische Beratung, Müllheim/Baden) ; on behalf of the German Environment Agency ; Report performed by: Ramboll Deutschland GmbH ; edited by: Section II 3.6 - Jochen Kuckelkorn, Dr. Alexander Eckhardt
VerfasserPolcher, Alexandra ; Krause, Maren ; Prichystalova, Radka ; Kurzke, Jennifer ; Rahm, Marco ; Greene, Tracy ; Dell, Linda ; Cush, Meera ; Crawford, Lori ; Fortunato, Louise ; Butcher, Jenny ; Kitsera, Nataliya ; Grundén, Sara ; Rücker, Thomas ; Voß, Jens-Uwe
HerausgeberKuckelkorn, Jochen ; Eckhardt, Alexander
KörperschaftDeutschland ; Ramboll Deutschland GmbH
ErschienenDessau-Roßlau : Umweltbundesamt, September 2023
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Report completed in: November 2022, October 2022
Literaturverzeichnis: Seite 219-261
Sprache der Zusammenfassung: Englisch, Deutsch
SerieTexte ; 2023, 129
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Literature review and assessment of available toxicological data for PFAS [2.95 mb]
In the present study a search was carried out on the current toxicological and epidemiological data on 20 perfluorinated alkyl substances (⁠PFAS⁠ C4-C13 carboxylic and sulfonic acids) regulated in the Drinking Water Ordinance as well as 4 substitutes (GenX ADONA 6:2 FTSA C604). The aim was to prepare this data as a basis for the toxicological assessment of the substances with regard to their occurrence in drinking water. The data collected is intended to form the basis for the calculation of health-related guide values ​​or the derivation of health-related indicator values ​​(HRIV German GOW) for drinking water. However the actual calculation of the hr- guide values ​​and the derivation of HRIV/GOW is not part of this study.