Foreign subsidiaries in the East German innovation system : evidence from manufacturing industries / Jutta Günther; Björn Jindra; Johannes Stephan
VerfasserGünther, Jutta ; Jindra, Björn ; Stephan, Johannes
ErschienenHalle (Saale) : Inst. für Wirtschaftsforschung, May 2008 ; Halle, Saale : Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, May 2008
UmfangOnline-Ressource (PDF-Datei: 34 S.)
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SerieIWH-Diskussionspapiere ; 2008,4
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Foreign subsidiaries in the East German innovation system [0.37 mb]
This paper analyses the extent of technological capability of foreign subsidiaries located in East Germany and looks at the determinants of foreign subsidiaries’ technological sourcing behaviour. The theory of international production underlines the importance of strategic and regional level variables. However existing empirical approaches omit by and large regional level factors. We employ survey evidence from the FDI micro data- baseʺ of the IWH that was only recently made available to conduct our analyses. We find that foreign subsidiaries are above average technologically active in comparison to the whole East German manufacturing. This can be partially explained by the industrial structure of foreign direct investment. However only a limited share of foreign subsidiaries with R&D and/or innovation activity source technological knowledge from the East German innovation system. If a subsidiary follows a competence augmenting strategy or does local trade it is more likely to source technological knowledge locally. The endowment of a region with human capital and a scientific infrastructure has a positive effect too. The findings suggest that foreign subsidiaries in East Germany are only partially linked with the regional innovation system. Policy implications are discussed. -- East Germany ; Regional Innovation System ; Foreign Direct Investment