A thriving or spiritual organization : leaders’ perspectives from stakeholder interviews in a pilot study / Heiko Schrader, Chrisanna Diamanti, Giorgina Pontet, Robert Ryshke, Victoria F. Triep
VerfasserSchrader, Heiko ; Diamanti, Chrisanna ; Pontet, Giorgina ; Ryshke, Robert ; Triep, Victoria F.
ErschienenMagdeburg : Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Institut für Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Department for Social Sciences, 04. April 2024
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SerieArbeitsbericht ; Nr. 84
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A thriving or spiritual organization [0.56 mb]
In its seminars U-School for Transformation offered by Presencing-Institute at MIT invites participants to set up their own team hubs based on topics they design. These contribute to a new global eco-centered leadership consciousness and ethics that reaches out to profit and nonprofit organizations around the world. Such a collective network approach is urgent since our planet is facing severe economic ecological and political threats. This paper is an outcome of the work of ulab 2.x Team #1134 on “Spirituality personal growth and leadership.” We aim to investigate how to bring these three cornerstones together in a leader’s work and the organization’s life. One of our initiatives was inviting leaders for stakeholder interviews to investigate this topic from the practitioners’ perspective. The findings of the interviews are shared in that paper.