Challenges faced by women researchers : stories from all around the globe / Women in Science working group of the Global Young Academy: Nova Ahmed, Amal Amin, Oon Chern Ein, Mareli Claassens, Eqbal M. A. Dauqan, Menattallah Elserafy, Flávia Ferreira Pires, Mimi Haryani Hassim, Nafissa Ismail, Sandeep Kaur, and Lydia Rhyman
VerfasserAhmed, Nova ; Amin, Amal ; Ein, Oon Chern ; Claassens, Mareli ; Dauqan, Eqbal M. A. ; Elserafy, Menattallah ; Ferreira Pires, Flávia ; Hassim, Mimi Haryani ; Ismail, Nafissa ; Kaur, Sandeep ; Rhyman, Lydia
KörperschaftGlobal Young Academy
ErschienenHalle (Saale), Germany : Global Young Academy, May 2024
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Challenges faced by women researchers [1.91 mb]
Foreword (Lydia Rhyman and Mareli Claassens Co-leads of the GYA Women in Science working group (June 2023 - June 2024)): We are currently living in a world where scientific innovation and discovery hold immense significance. Although being underrepresented women researchers play a pivotal role within the scientific community. It is important to address and recognize the challenges preventing the full participation of women in the STEM fields. The Women in Science working group of the Global Young Academy (GYA) compiled stories on the overlooked experiences of women researchers worldwide as a necessary step to nurture a scientific community that is inclusive and cognizant of these challenges. The personal stories illustrate means and ways in which women researchers overcome a range of challenges such as discrimination workplace pressures societal biases while achieving the equilibrium between professional and personal life. Their journeys serve as evidence of their creativity resilience and steadfast commitment to excellence. This book aims to raise awareness of these hurdles and to promote changes in the scientific community and society at large. It is a call for action to create an inclusive and equitable scientific environment where every voice is heard all talents are supported and all dreams are fulfilled.