Las mejores prácticas para la géstion de residuos municipales : recopilación de informacion sobre distintos enfoques para la gestión sustentable de residuos municipales y sobre las tecnologías y equipamientos correspondientes / by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. Bernd Bilitewski (INTECUS Dresden GmbH, Dresden), Dipl. -Ing. Jörg Wagner (INTECUS Dresden GmbH, Dresden), Dipl. -Ing. Jan Reichenbach ppa. (INTECUS Dresden GmbH, Dresden) ; on behalf of the German Environment Agency ; study performed by: INTECUS Dresden GmbH - Abfallwirtschaft und umweltintegratives Management ; edited by: Section III 2.4 Waste Technology, Waste Technology Transfer Ralf Menzel
VerfasserBilitewski, Bernd ; Wagner, Jörg ; Reichenbach, Jan
BeiträgerMenzel, Ralf
KörperschaftDeutschland ; INTECUS GmbH
ErschienenDessau-Roßlau : Umweltbundesamt, May 2018
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Study completed in: June 2017
SerieTexte ; 2018, 42
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Las mejores prácticas para la géstion de residuos municipales [12.49 mb]
The need to curb natural resources depletion and climate change and secure a healthy living space for an ever growing human society has become a global challenge which increases the demand to minimise waste generation and manage arising wastes effectively and sustainably on a worldwide scale. This task applies to all countries independently from their status of development. Many countries are therefore faced with the necessity to initiate a process of transformation from the conventional scheme of waste disposal through simple dumping or landfilling towards the gradual implementation of a closed loop management of their wastes.